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Synthesis   STA   DFT    

ARGO provides the best Synthesis Service considering customers’ specification based on its wide experience in High Speed/Low Power/HPDF Design. With LINT/SDC Validation during synthesis, it gives support so that design errors can be found in the early stage.

Synthesis   STA   DFT    

ARGO realizes accurate design constraints by having close communication with customers from the early stage of design and provides perfect timing verification. It analyzes clock scheme in design, detects SDC(Synopsys Design Constraint) Faults and gives feedback. Through accurate SDC and optimized CTS(Clock Tree Synthesis), it provides fast Timing Closure TAT(Turn Around Time).

Synthesis   STA   DFT    

Considering the realization of complex functions, increasing design volume and mass production setup for fast market entrance, the importance of fast and accurate test is imperative. ARGO helps improving the quality of design and productivity of customers by having high testability with various and complete DFT Service.

Scan / ATPG(Auto Test Pattern Generation)

Scan is a testing method that makes F/F of design into Shift Register Chain to detect manufacturing defects of Logic. As for applied fault models are Stuck-At Fault, Transition Delay Fault, Path Delay Fault, and Bridge Fault and recently Scan Compress is used to decrease test time over logic.

Memory BIST(Built-In Self Test)

It is a test method that forms a test pattern and puts the compared logic into the design to detect defects inside the complied memory. BIST Logic comprises a part that forms a pattern to detect memory fault, a part that compares this with memory output and expected output, a part that controls the whole activity of BIST and a part that validates the inner BIST.

JTAG (Boundary Scan)

JTAG, standardized by IEEE Standard 1149.1, is a test method that uses BSC(Boundary Scan Cell) inside the chip to detect connection problems between the board and the chip.

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