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Design (RTL)
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During development phase, ARGO increases customers’ competitive edge by fast development and optimized chip size based on its wide experience and advanced technology.

Platform Design   Logic Verification   FPGA Prototyping   IP (Co-work)

By having professional architecture developers, ARGO provides with SoC using CPU Core such as ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, and Tensilica and AMBA/AXI Bus Platform.

Platform Design   Logic Verification   FPGA Prototyping   IP (Co-work)

As complexity of the developed chips increases, verification is becoming an important issue. Also, it is charging more time in the development phase, using more resources.

ARGO provides Functional Verification Service regarding the chip and its specification for customers’ successful chip development. Its verification service for customers’ chip uses the following methods which are generally used.

RTL Lint
  • RTL Syntax Check
  • Design Rule Check
  • CDC (Clock Domain Crossing) Check

Dynamic Simulation
  • Test Bench Simulation
  • Appropriate to Functional Verification

Formal Verification
  • Equivalence Check
  • SVA (System Verilog Assertion)
  • PSL (Property Specification Language)
Platform Design   Logic Verification   FPGA Prototyping   IP (Co-work)

It supports perfect FPGA Prototyping service for customers’ chips. This service verifies faster and more perfectly by porting customers’ design to FPGA before actually producing the chip.

FPGA Platform
  • Platform for SoC design
  • Designing SoC following verified process after adding user circuit to a platform verified in advance
  • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11/Cortex A/R/M or Xtensa core are possible
  • By using high-capacity FPGA, has high-capacity logic and flexible I/O structure

H/W Platform
  • Provides verified IP
  • Provides AMBA/AXI Interface
  • Multi Master & Multi Slave Structure

S/W Platform
  • Provides H/W Diagnostic Application
  • Various Application Firmware
  • Peripheral device driver

FPGA Board

Platform Design   Logic Verification   FPGA Prototyping   IP (Co-work)

ARGO provides IP and SoC design technology for the successful development of the customers’ chip and actively participates in the development phase so that customers can complete the product development with their limited resource and time. Also, it supports them to remove risks following new product development.

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